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Portrait Meeting

Hello Everyone,

First off a quick thank you to everyone who attended the AGM 2 weeeks ago, we love democracy. And pizza. And photosoc. Anyway, incase you didn’t see in the facebook group the new committee is:

President: Tom Williamson

Secretary: Shameen Amjad and Rosie Slingsby

Treasurer: Sean Taylor

Equipment Officer: Josh Rock

Social Secretary: Mizla Manandhar Ara

Tea and Cake/Inclusions Officer: Tara Ghaemi

Publicity Officer: Joss Presdee

Webmaster: Christopher Simon

Jobs Officer: Terence Kwok

Please come and say hi to us at the meeting this thursday, especially you have any ideas about what Photosoc could be doing next year or for the very (VERY) little time we have left this year.

Speaking of the meeting…

This thursdays meeting (The 2nd of May) we will be looking at (and taking) portrait photos. We will bring the photosoc studio stuff so that everyone can play around with different lighting setups and have a chance to take some photos. All of this will be done in LT1, with us potentially (almost definately) going to the pub afterwards

If you want to bring your own flashes etc then please do, the more lights the merrier!




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