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Annual General Meeting (AGM) next Thursday

Hi guys,

The time has come for Photo Soc to hold its Annual General Meeting (AGM) in order to review the year and elect a new committee. This meeting will be held at Bloo-88 on Thursday, starting at 7pm. After a meal and the AGM,we will be continuing onto Itchy Feet. As Itchy Feet is a ticketed event, if you would like to come please contact the Publicity Officer Sean Taylor with your name or, alternatively,  you can get your tickets individually here. A link to the Facebook event page for the AGM is here.

AGM Proceedings 

  • Presidential review (review of  meetings and trips throughout the year etc.).
  • Treasurer review (how Photo Soc finances stand at the end of this committee year and what we spent our money on)
  • Equipment and Social review.
  • Proposed changes to the  Photo Soc constitution can be considered here.
  • Voting for the committee roles will begin in the order they are described further down in this email.
  • Everybody eats pizza.

Committee position details and how to stand.

Voting for committee members shall be conducted by a system of Alternative Voting. If you are not sure how this works, we will explain at the event, but here is a short video summarising this.

All those wanting to stand for a position should indicate at the start of proceedings. They should also make a short speech detailing their strengths, and why they would be the best candidate for the role (here it’s helpful to mention previous committee experience etc.)

Committee Roles

For all those thinking of standing, the committee have written a description of exactly what their role entails below:


 The President’s main role is to ensure that the Committee is happy and is working well together. This involves:

  • Calling and chairing committee meetings, which means to say following the agenda, inciting discussion between committee, and reaching a conclusion based on the views.
  • Following up decisions made to ensure they are being achieved, and helping out committee members if this is not happening.
  • Resolving issues as they arise, considering points of view and making a decision  ( E.g following up cases of broken or misused equipment).
  • If needed, write emails calling meetings or advertising events. (eg. my role is this is to explain the meeting, where it is etc, then put what the committee have written on the end)
  • Opening meetings, giving a speech at the exhibition, be prepared to use your presentation skills!
  • Sometimes the University or University members will ring you about various things (such as  Give It A Go sessions or what camera to buy) Answer these as well as you can.
  • Liaise with the National University Photographic Society.


The secretary is responsible for

  • taking the minutes at committee meetings. 
  • checking and replying to emails. This is by far the biggest part of the job, as the emails are vast and we get messaged about loads of stuff and all kinds of questions, such as ‘can I join’ emails to ‘could you judge this photo competition for us’.
  • booking the Lecture Theatre for Photo Soc meetings.
  • dealing with any other correspondence Photo Soc receives.


Treasurer (Aka moneybags, the man/woman with the money) is in charge of the money. This means:

  • Review the weekly society bank statement emailed by the University
  • Facilitate payments (to committee who buy things, members for jobs if needed, to outside companies for hoodies etc)
  • With inclusions, organise membership and take money for it, then put it in our account
  •  Liaise with the Darkroom officer for film sales and buying chemicals
  • Maintain a cash box, to be kept in the equipment cupboard in the Darkroom
  • Finalising sponsorship deals, and getting the money to the society
  • Have sort of plan for what to spend the money on

Social and Event Secretary

This position is responsible for organising and leading socials and events.

You must:

  • Be creative with socials to appeal to as many members as possible.
  • Engage with members, encourage socialising and incite fun.
  • Contact and broker deals with pubs, bars and clubs.
  • Be the first one out and the last one in.
  • Plan the annual Expedition.
  • Be a living legend!

Tea & Cake Officer (Inclusions Officer)

Make sure there is a plentiful supply of tea and cake at meetings (things are kept in a cupboard in the darkroom that you need to go pick up). Yes there is a Sainsbury’s by the Arts Tower but we all know home baked stuff is the best!

Inclusions Officer is a mandatory role for all societies. The University is so diverse that we need to make sure everyone that wants to be involved can be. This ranges from considering the cost of activities, what happens on socials (think along the lines of not everyone drinks alcohol), and any language barriers there may be as PhotoSoc has a particularly large group of international members.  If anyone has a problem or doesn’t, well, feel included then make sure you are approachable and will listen to their concerns.  As there isn’t exactly a full time list of things to be doing, be prepared to do a lot of little (and sometimes big!) jobs such as replying to emails.

Publicity Officer

Publicity Officer is in charge of all things encouraging. This year, we have merged this role with that of the Artistic Director, meaning that this person should:

  • Be in charge of promoting the society through twitter, FB and generally around Uni (this can include emailing/tweeting the University/Student’s Union to share things)
  • Ensure that the events and any other news which Photo Soc runs are well publicised
  • Create and organise printing of posters and advertisement for the exhibition as well as any other posters or fliers for the Activities Fair.
  • Generally push Photo Soc out there as much as possible, including taking a large part in the Activities and Re-Fresher’s Fairs

Darkroom Officer

  • Maintain the darkroom and darkroom equipment to ensure everything is serviceable.
  • Daily check the darkroom bookings and approve / deny bookings as appropriate.
  • Liaise with Welcome Desk and SU staff regarding the use of the darkroom.
  • Monitor and maintain stock levels of black and white chemicals
  • Provide to all users, as a minimum, basic training in black and white film developing and silver gelatine printing
  • Form and liaise with a “darkroom team” of experienced users who can assist with training, and approving bookings when you are away.
  • Ensure all darkroom users are competently trained before allowing them to use the darkroom alone
  • Maintain a list of authorised darkroom users.
  • Ensure any broken equipment is reported and replaced / repaired.
  • Maintain the Mappin darkroom and liaise with Michael Jackson regarding any bookings there
  • Run a film sale service at meetings, and periodically offer a shared postage cost order to Firstcall Photographic, our suppliers.
  • Organise meetings of the darkroom users as necessary.  These should preferably include beer.
  • Show commitment to the furthering of our shared processing and printing knowledge, researching and developing the available darkroom services as a result.  Group projects, like timeslice / pinhole / diy cameras, alternative processes etc are always fun!

Equipment Officer

The Equipment Officer is (oddly enough) the boss of equipment in the society. This means they:

  • Keep an inventory of what equipment we have, and ensure these are on the Union Insurance
  • Organise with people who want to borrow equipment, for pickup and drop off.
  • Ensure all Equipment loans are properly recorded
  • Propose new bits of equipment to buy (Although everyone does this, EO should have the best idea of what we already have, and what would be most suitable)

Web Master

Webmaster is for the website (unsurprisingly):

  • Checking it’s working properly
  • Fixing bugs in the various booking systems
  • Update the various information content
  • A knowledge of HTML/CSS/JavaScript is handy
  • 101110101

Jobs Officer

The jobs officer should:

  • Regularly check the emails for new jobs offers, both paid and voluntary
  • Liaise with people who want a photographer, to get information like pay time etc.
  • Email out to the society using the Photo Soc Google Doc Application form, and then choose a photographer based on portfolio and experience.

I think that just about covers everything. I will use the bottom of the email  to say that, as Pres, I have had an amazing time this year and, (as I’m taking an Erasmus year out) I will be extremely sad to leave Photo Soc. The committee have worked extremely hard this year, and, although most members never see the full extent of their efforts, it is the basic reason all things Photo Soc have been successful. Thank you committee :).

This might be the last email I will write for a while, but I’ll see all you photo cats (and the new committee) at the AGM.


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