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This week’s meeting and exhibition print return

Hi guys,

There’s a meeting this week in the usual place, 7:15pm on Thursday, Arts Tower LT 1, for an informal takeaway food photo critiquing session on each other’s work. We will also be returning the exhibition prints at this meeting. We’ll divide the clan into smaller groups, in which some groups mix their photos to show them anonymously and some where the photographer can present their work publicly. Anybody wishing to show their photos, please bring a USB or email yourself the files or bring your laptop, or bring prints, or show them using interpretative dance.

The meeting is a takeaway food session because I like food and being at meeting (I’m feeling like some chinese at the moment, om nom). Having a bite to eat and splitting into small groups instead of our usual big one takes the pressure off showing others your photography. Critiquing is a good way of not only receiving constructive criticism of your photography that goes beyond your mum’s comment of ‘the sky is wonky’, but also a way of improving your shots by pinching other people’s ideas and understanding their mistakes, as this makes them similarly obvious in your own.

See you on Thursday guys,

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