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Exhibition Deadline and Bloo-88 Meal

Hi guys,

The deadline for submitting your prints (framed or mounted) for the exhibition is THIS THURSDAY.
We will meet as usual in the Arts Tower, Lecture Theatre 1  at 7:15pm. After this, we will continue on for a meal at Bloo-88 ( om nom pizza!) even if you do not plan to submit prints for the exhibition, please come along, because pizza is awesome and we can talk photos!

As I am benevolent, there will be A4 mounting paper and spray glue available for use on Thursday for anyone who has not yet mounted their prints.

I’ve had a few questions on sizing of prints, I have printed a few at 12″ x 8″ and others at 9″ x 6″. This is down to personal taste, as 12″ x 8″ won’t mount on an A4 piece of card, but I think a good size to look at. In terms of mounting, Foam board and card are both allowed.

This coming weekend, of course, is the ShAFF film festival whereupon, The White Line, a film made by a Photo Soc member Ismar Badzic is to be shown in Ski and Boards 1! This festival is also just a plain awesome bundle of fantastic videography, which I fully and heartily recommend. Details of this will be posted on the Photo Soc Facebook Group.

There will be an Exhibition night held at Bank Street Arts itself next Thursday evening to celebrate the exhibition. This is your exhibition made of your work, so invite your friends to come along! I will be emailing further details and a link to an event page shortly.

See you on Thursday, photo goats!

Hannah :)


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