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Photosoc Exhibition 2013!

Hello lovely Photosoc peeps

Photosoc are holding an exhibition in March!

We have hired the wonderful Bank Street Arts for one week, starting 3rd March, to hold our 2013 exhibition.

We will be holding a committee meeting soon to decide on how to organise submitting work, based on how much space we have, and following that will send out details, but we wanted to give you a heads up so you can start thinking about work you might want to exhibit, what sort of frames you might want etc (though don’t rush out and buy any until you know you have a space in the exhibition – places may be limited! As a very rough guess, each person might have room for 3 or 4 pictures but *do not quote me on that!*).

To get you thinking, here are a couple of good frame suppliers / framers that the committee have used in the past

Remember for most framing jobs you will need:
-Mount and mat (backing and front cover)
-Something to mount the picture with, like acid-free mounting pads or mounting spray etc
-Cleaning products – the glass will need a good clean, and just as you get the picture in there, a speck of dust ALWAYS lands inside the glass….

Watch this space for more details….

Look forward to seeing you all for the first meeting, which will be a practical session making pinhole cameras – both film and digital!

Much Photosoc Love
Uncle Darth

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