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Breast Cancer Carol Service Job

Hi everyone,

sorry for the late notice but Breast Cancer Care are looking for someone to photograph their carol service tomorrow night (December 13th). They unfortunately don’t have the budget to pay a photographer but you would only be needed from around 7pm until 9pm. If you are interested please email Emma the Fundraising Executive at ideally today! Below is a brief of how they wish the photos to look.

thanks, Emily (Jobs officer)

Photographers Briefing:

This document is written for the photographer of 2012 Carols by Candlelight service. It is intended as a briefing for the types of photographs that we would like taken.


The document includes a list of photographs we require the photographer to take, and also includes some examples of previous photographs to give the photographer an idea of how we imagine the finished products to look.


Ideally, the photographs produced will be very festive in appearance and will include all the different aspects of the evening, such as pictures of people singing, and the performers in action, these will not be posed and will be natural shots.


Intimate feel, with the concert in action.


As well as putting together a collection of action shots of the audience enjoying the concert, we would also like some strong images all of the acts during their performances. Multiple images of each performance would be best so we have a choice of what we will use in future literature.


As well as these none posed images we will also be making time for some staged photographs as well. With these images the photographer will have creative licence to position the subjects and frame the images as they see fit, so long as they have a very strong festive theme. See below for an example from a previous service.

The image personifies true Christmas spirit and is a good example of the types of images we are looking for.


Below is a list of photographs we require from the event.


During the Event:

  • Multiple photos of different sections of the audience.
  • Close ups of families together holding their candles.
  • Shots of all the audience together when they are seated.
  • Multiple shots of all the performers (soloists, choirs, and readers).


Staged photos after the event: (Multiples of each)

  • Photographs of Jonathan Ansell with both school choirs.
  • Photograph of Jonathan Ansell with the BCC staff.
  • Photograph of Emma Dennis and Husband.
  • Photograph of all performers.
  • Photograph of Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress with Performers.
  • Photograph of Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress with School Choirs.
  • Photograph of Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress with BCC staff.
  • Photograph of BCC staff and all performers.
  • Photographs of BCC Staff and volunteers.


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