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Thursday Meeting Is Night Time Photo Walk

Ahoy Photo Soccers!

There’s a meeting this Thursday at 7:15pm in the Arts Tower, but in Lecture Theatre 6 (it’s better), where Uncle D (Darkroom Officer) will first sell film, rant about said film and look at sensors.

Straight after that though, we’re going on a night time photography walk to Sheffield town centre, so bring your camera and your tripod (if you have one). The plan is to split up into smaller tutorial groups and give some of the stuff that’s been discussed in the previous meetings a go. So, that’s trying out wide aperture, high ISO, the use of tripods and long exposure on all the pretty Christmas market stalls, the shiny tree and the random trams in the city centre.

However, if you didn’t know what all that technical stuff meant, never fear! This meeting is the perfect chance to get some more hands on tuition from us to learn more about exactly what you can do with your camera…and see the Christmas Market too!

That’s all for this week, but I’d just like to say how genuinely proud I am of Photo Soc at the moment, your response to the photo competition has been fantastic, and the sheer enthusiasm with which everyone is engaging not only with all the stuff we put on but also with other members never fails to amaze me. You guys are awesome, and with NUPS this weekend, I will be honoured to be representing such a talented and generally amazing society. :-)

Er, *cough*, moving swiftly on, see you all on Thursday, in LECTURE THEATRE 6


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