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Hi guys,

This week, instead of our meeting at the Arts Tower (it’s feeling over-photographed) we’re alternatively meeting at the University Arms for pub times on Thursday evening at around 6:30.

On Sunday there’s our usual Photo Soc trip, although this week it’s with a difference. We’re going to be visiting Andy Warhol’s Late Self Portraits Exhibition at the Graves Art Gallery. It’s free, it’s on a Saturday, and the shots are a must-see for anyone wanting an insight into the mind of the greatest visual artist the world has ever seen. Meet at the Students Union at the ripe old time of 11:30am, then there’s PUB after.

In other news, there’s a Nikon Speedlight SB-27 for sale. It’s a flash, it does flash things, and it’s £50. Please email (this address) and I’ll pass on the details :)

I would like to end this email communication by drawing all member’s attention to the fact that, for the past week, your brave Sheffield University Photographic society has been engaged in a TERRIFYING PHOTO BATTLE COMPETITION with Leicester Uni Photo Soc. It’s towers vs. towers, and the aim of the competition is for each society to post shots of their own building. So, it’s our beautiful Arts Tower for Sheffield versus Leicester’s Attenborough Building. The competition will be judged, and this is a GAME OF PRIDE, so SUBMIT YOUR ENTRIES HERE (Preferably via Flickr link for its better photo licensing rights, but Facebook is okay if you’re not fussed)


P.s What makes Leciester’s terrible, horrible, disgusting, ugly and badly architectured Attenborough building EVEN WORSE is that it too has a paternoster lift! If we can’t even win with our sexy lift, what is the world coming to? We need your shots or all is lost…

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