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Steel Wool Practical this Thursday!

Hi guys!

There’s a meeting this Thursday, but it’s not going to be held in the Arts Tower. Shocking, I know, but we’ll be meeting in the foyer anyway at the normal time of 7:15 (so everyone can have their Arts Tower fix) before leaving to go to Weston Park.

This meeting will be a practical on steel wool photography, so it’s important that everyone wears hoodies, trousers, gloves and coats (warm stuff). Steel wool is not dangerous but it is wire on fire, so treat it like you would treat sparklers. (We have safety stuff and risk assessments and red tape aplenty)

You will need to bring: (if you have them)
A dog lead (this is by far the most effective way to swing the steel wool about, and they’re quite cheap from Poundland or Wilkinson’s or somewhere)
Any metal whisks (we will have chicken wire if you don’t)
Any torches or light emitting objects
Shutter release (advanced users)

We will be selling steel wool at the practical for £2 a pack…a quid cheaper than B&Q and you don’t have to go anywhere!

See you on Thursday!

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