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Long exposure meeting this week!

Hi guys!

The next meeting has now been moved to this Thursday (rather than next Thursday) because we are all so psyched to start some light painting! As usual, this meeting will be in the Arts Tower, Lecture Theatre 9 at 7:15, and will be on all kinds of long exposure photography (although we’ll focus primarily on torch ‘light painting’ afterwards).

For this meeting, you will need to bring your camera, a tripod (if you have one) and some torches. Advanced photographers could also bring a shutter release as these might be useful. At the risk of sounding like your mother, make sure you bring a warm coat and a pair of gloves because we might be shooting outside and it’s freezing!

Next Thursday we will focus on using steel wool in long exposure photographs, (which is also SO FREAKIN’ COOL! :)) and so we will have an extended practical tutorial next week, rather than a presentation.

Here is an example of light drawing from flickr
Hope you see you all at the social tomorrow night and I’ll see you with a torch on Thursday!
Photo Soc love,

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