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Gig photography meeting and sensor cleaning.

Hi guys,

The meeting this week is on Gig photography led by our mega talented Equipment Officer Josh Rock and Artistic Director Jess Grice!  As usual, it will be held this Thursday (the 25th), Arts Tower Lecture Theatre 9, at 7.15pm. For anyone interested in getting into event photography, someone from our sponsors, Sheffield Parties, will be at the meeting looking to hire people to shoot for their venues. Go Photo Soc connections!

You might want to bring your camera to this one, as there’s an opportunity to shoot some live music just after the meeting at DAda’s bar. And (for what it’s worth) I’m also dressing up in a large cardboard box to go to a Rock Soc fancy dress event straight after too, so anybody wanting event photography practice or to destroy their ears can alternatively go to that.

Also, our Darkroom officer is now offering a sensor cleaning service for a tenner, so that’s a fifth of the high street price and  a quicker turn around! However, anything technical with a camera does come with a small risk, to which Photo Soc can’t be held responsible, but you do get your money back if he doesn’t get it clean!

That’s it for this week, but you just can’t wait for your gig photography fix before Thursday, you can check out Josh’s photography here and Jess’s here.

Photo Soc love,

P.S The deadline to get your NUPS London weekend money to me is this Friday! Choo Choo guys!

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  1. Roy Childs says:

    I am a technician in the Architecture Dept and i am interested in the sensor clean offer.whats the procedure do i need to join etc


    Roy Childs

  2. hannah.lillis says:

    Hi Roy,

    Thanks for the interest, as you’re staff the offer’s slightly more complicated. To get sensor cleaning you have to be part of Photo Soc as a society member, so that means paying up £5 for this semester. However, you also need to be part of the Uni’s Student Union to join any societies but that’s about a tenner for lifelong membership for anyone.

    In terms of the service, the sensor cleaning dude is currently away and we don’t know when he will be back, so my advice would be keep an eye on your inbox for when we reannounce it, or if it’s serious bite the swifter bullet and go to Harrison’s!

    Many thanks and sorry for the delay,

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