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AGM Meeting and Social

Hi PhotoSoc,

The AGM will be on the 22nd of March in the Arts tower LT9. This is a very important meeting as the new committee will be in charge for the next year and responsible for the development and continuation of PhotoSoc.

Being a committee member allows you get more involved in the running of the society, making any improvements or additions to the society you want. There are many different roles you can apply for which are listed below. Being a committee member looks great on your CV, contributes to the Sheffield Graduate Award and allows you to develop skills which will be useful in later life. Even if you don’t want to become a committee member please come down and vote for people who do, the society is after all a democracy.

Committee Roles
Inclusions officer
Social Sec
Equipment officer
Darkroom Officer
Events Officer
Artistic Director

This year we have also had
Film Sec
Tea and Cake Sec

10-15 people is a good number to run a society and get a wide variety of ideas.

We also have a facebook event to act as a bit of a forum:

We also plan to have a HANDOVER SOCIAL on the 29th of April to which everyone is invited. There will be some games, new committee vs old committee. More details will follow.

Hope to see you all there.


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