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Forge Media News – Lecturer Strike Job

Hello everyone,
As I’m sure you’ve heard, certain lecturers will be on strike this Wednesday – Forge Media News will be covering this in the coming issue, so if anyone fancies taking a few photos, they’ll be including the best of them in print and online.
They’ll be getting in touch with the union and be on the pickets getting quotes, but if you’re down there and get any good quotes, feel free to include that too :)
Give them a quick message if you think you’ll be able to take photos on the day, just to let them know numbers. Do note that jobs like this for Forge are unpaid.

Also, we know a few people are planning to contact the VC – there’s been quite a few strikes recently, and I know certain people are becoming concerned about their education – if you are one of these people, get in touch!

Contact by emailing –

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