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Hello, just a reminder that this Thursday Paul Hobson, the professional wildlife photographer will be giving a talk at 7pm in the Hicks building Lecture Theatre 2.

Also the next trip will be on Saturday 3rd December to York Christmas Market. Meet at half 9 at Sheffield train station for this trip. Bring railcards, with a railcard it is £11.35 return.

Sheffski are holding an event on Saturday 26th November from 2pm till 2am called Freeze. It will be held at Sheffield Ski Village. They would like photographers to go along to photograph the event which includes skiing and snowboarding competitions. The job is unpaid as it is a charity event, would make quite interesting photographs though. Email us back so we know how much interest there is, as tickets to the event are £6 but it was mentioned photographers can get some for free but not sure how many.

Also, on Sunday 4th December Sheffield Uni is having a LipDub contest, if you don’t know what it is type in Uni Lipdub, check out UBC Vancouver’s as theirs is the best. Should be fun, and Photosoc have 12 places for it. Email back if interested. Filming is from 1-4pm on Sunday and you will be needed for an hour earlier in the day as well.

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