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Darkroom Tutorials

There are a few more darkroom tutorials this week. See the booking page for times.


You must book (or email us if the booking system is not working) to let us know you’re coming. It is impossible to teach well and a waste of time for all if more than 3 people turn up, so we’ll probably turn you away if you haven’t booked. Make sure you wait in the entrance to the Mappin building by the porters office. Please be punctual, because if the tutor has a lecture to go to straight after, there is no time to waste. Finally, please don’t forget you actually have booked a tutorial.

You can bring a film to develop to the appropriate tutorial if you wish. We (currently) only develop black and white film.

If you are going to a printing tutorial, you can bring some negatives to print from (B&W only).



Also, sessions are available on request, taught by Rob. See this post.







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