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Forge News section is after some photos for the next issue (deadline is next Thursday), with an opportunity to get a bit creative as well!

Opal 2 – If you live in Opal 2, this should be an easy one for you. We’re after an interior shot of the Opal 2 accomodation.

Town Hall – Home of the councilors, next to the Peace Gardens. We’re after a general photo of the town hall.

Charity cuts – We need a photo or graphic to illustrate the cuts happening to the charity budget. No real brief on this one, as long as it’s suitable for the news section!

For any of the above jobs email

Sutco would like a PhotoSoc photographer to come into a few of their Equus rehearsals, including their dress rehearsal on 18th October, to take some pictures for their publicity on Facebook and their website (currently under reconstruction).   This would give photographers a chance to showcase a whole bank of their work on a single creative project affiliated with the University. Email if you are interested.

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