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Good afternoon photosoc!

I hope you are all enjoying your first week of lectures! Here are a few things for you.


As always seems to be the case, photosoc has problems with darkrooms. The bad news is that we’re waiting for a key to be sourced for the Mappin darkroom which is where tutorials are conducted and so tutorials will be delayed.

There is nothing wrong with the union darkroom and so I’ll be holding a small session just to show competent darkroom users around, answer any questions, and explain the protocol for booking. To attend, book here and select the darkroom Group 3 tutorial which is on Friday 30th September at 1300-1400. Meet at the Union Welcome Desk.


The best way to contact us is through email, but before you do, please check our website as it is likely the information you want might be on the blog.

Our Website.

It won an award a year or two ago and is the central hub for all things Photosoc.

Our website has a forum, please use it!

We have a flickr group here. For thoes of you who don’t know what flickr is, it’s an online photo sharing website that many of our members use. There is also a feed on our website on the right, amongst the guardian pictures of the day, and a Nat Geo Photo of the day.

On our website you’ll find our booking systems with instructions for Darkroom tutorials, independent sessions and equipment.

There are also a  handful of pages that contain some basic tutorials on camera functions and what not, and some cool links, so get exploring.


We will always welcome new people onto the committee. I know it’s a bit early to be saying this, but if you want to get involved with the running of the society by all means let us know so you can come along to our committee meetings. It’s a fantastic chance not only for decent experience that looks great on your CV, but allows you to direct Photosoc anywhere you want, whether that’s organising fantastic trips to far away places or using the money thrown at us by the Union to stockpile polaroid. Remember, it’s your society, so get involved!

See you Thursday. Arts Tower Lecture Theatre 9 at 19:15. There will be tea, (so bring a mug) to accompany the cake, and money for signing up, and extra money for drinks.



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  1. Miki says:

    We should so stockpile Polaroid.

  2. ella86 says:

    when is the next social/meeting please??

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