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Exhibition and survey by one of our members

Hello lovely Photosoc members, just a quick email to say one of our members has made a survey to see the effects of celebrity endorsements on consumer attitudes and behaviour towards Nikon D3100 advertising. Here is the link, Wendy would appreciate it if you fill it in. As at least one amongst our number is a self-proclaimed lover of advertising I’m sure Ed will definitely fill it in.

And in other news, we will be having an exhibition at the West End pub on Glossop Road from Sunday 9th October for a week. If you wish to exhibit your photos at this event please reply to this email to let us know. The space will then be divided up by the number of people who wish to exhibit and we will let you know how much space you will have to use.

Have a lovely summer!

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  1. Ed Miller says:

    Er… Where did you say that link was? :)

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