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Hello all,

Fristly, I have got round to updating out equipment, so there are few more tasty things to try using with your pictures, including filters and a strobist umbrella! Book here

Secondly, there are a few more tutorials this week for the darkroom. Please check back as more might be made. Book here

Thirdly, some of you are competent darkroom users now. You can book the darkroom whenever you like in the following hours:

Mappin: 0900-1630Monday to Friday.

Union room (pending delivery of equipment):

Mon-Fri 8.30am-2130, Sat 9am-2130, Sun 9am-2130

The end times stated are the times you HAVE TO BE OUT by.

To book, use the booking system, and to gain access, print out the booking confirmation which you will receive when your booking has been approved and show this to the porters in the Mappin building or the Welcome Desk in the union to get the key.



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