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Interesting in covering Varsity 2011?

Hey everyone,

It’s Varsity time again, which means there’s lots of opportunities to shoot the massive inter-uni sports tournament! It’s running from Wednesday 30th March to Wednesday 6th April this year and the matches are mostly taking place in the same place each day, so you can wander from game to game.

Forge Press will be running a special pullout in the next issue just for Varsity and we need as many photographers as possible to fill it! If you’re going along to a game anyway, then why not bring along your camera and get your name and photos in the paper? Forge Press will also cover your travel expenses and most of the venues should be easily accessible by tram or by special coaches from the Union.

I know this is really short notice, but Forge Press Sports are having a meeting tonight at 6:15pm in Octagon Meeting Room 3 if you can make it, or if not, drop them an email at I’m going to try and get hold of a couple of telephoto lenses for Forge Press in Canon and Nikon mounts too, but I can’t guarantee that (let me know at if that’s something you could use and I’ll let you know).

Thanks for reading!

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