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The monochrome continues…

Hey everyone.
Firstly, thanks to all who came out on Monday. A Superb night was had by all, but not that many monochrome pictures where taken. Population isn’t friendly to manual focus analogue cameras with low film speeds unfortunately.

Thursday (tomorrow) 3rd of March, 7:15pm, Arts Tower LT9:
Lecture with Ilford Master Printer, Dave Butcher. Have a sneaky peek at his website to whet your appetite! It will be a fantastic opportunity to learn more about black and white photography from a highly esteemed professional, and a chance to ask questions and discuss different aspects of black and white photography.

As per usual, bring a mug, and any equipment you might need to return.


Darkroom Tutorials:

03/03/11 Group 1 Developing 1110-1200 3 spaces led by Max

04/03/11 Group 1 Developing 1410-1500 3 spaces led by Jack

07/03/11 Group 1 Developing 1110-1200 1 space led by Jack

Please arrive on time as many people will have lectures and 1hr/50mins cuts it tight already. Book using our website!

Meet in the entrance to the Mappin Building.

Bring any B&W films you have.


Edinburgh Trip:

The dates at 8th-10th April. We would like all deposits (£10) by tomorrow, at the meeting. We’ll be staying in Hostel accommodation. Purpose, visit a beautiful city, take some fab photos, have some nice beer, have some nice food and have a generally great time.

The full price for accommodation and transport will be £90, so the deadline for paying the remaining £80 will be Thursday 17th March.


That’s all for now!






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