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PhotoSoc Social, meeting and trip!

Hello Photographers!

Next Monday (the 28th Feb) we have a Black and White themed social! A time for everyone to put aside their cameras and have a good mingle and a drink or two. We want you all to get involved and dress in monochrome; dominos, zebras even tuxedos if you want! If you haven’t decided on a costume yet we urge you to dress as a Dalmatian as we’d love to get 101!

The plan is all meet in interval for a drink then head to Population in the union for a couple more. Make sure you get your tickets soon as its very popular now adays.

Also, don’t forgot there is a lecture by Dave Butcher on Thursday 3rd March, who controversially is not a butcher by occupation but is in fact a professional BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHER!

Yet another exciting thing occurring in the Photosoc event calendar is the Edinburgh trip. The deposits deadline for the trip is next Thursday at the aforementioned lecture. Hand it in then or you will not be able to go as places are limited and it is first come first serve.


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