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Hello everyone.

Firstly, I hope you are all enjoying B&W fortnight. This is the perfect chance to shoot, develop and print some traditional B&W film, which can easily give fantastic results and stunning B&W photos. All that’s needed is a bit of time.

Secondly, sorry for an email of this kind taking so long! Problems with darkrooms  never end! We have two tutorials this week, both on how to develop B&W film. Since the rooms are small, there are 3 places for each, but there will be more tutorials in the future. They should be done in an hour, but sometimes might be slightly longer.

  • Thursday 24th  11:10-12:00 beginners on how to develop B&W film. 3 places: Meet in the entrance to the Mappin Building
  • Friday 25th 14:00-15:00 beginners on how to develop B&W film. 3 places: Meet in the entrance to the Mappin Building

If you have any B&W film that you’ve shot then bring it along and we can develop it then and there.

To book a place use the bookings page.

If you are an experienced darkroom user, then you can book the darkroom yourself, only the Mappin Building, by following the instructions on the bookings page.



See you all Thursday,

Photosoc x




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