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Welcome to Black & White Fortnight!

To kick off the fortnight, here are some easy ways to bring black and white photography into your life:

  • Digital: Photographers agree that the trick to creating a stunning B&W digital photo is to shoot in colour and convert it to monochrome later – but with so many methods to choose from (channel mixing, desaturation, etc.), what’s the best way? The Digital Photography School helps you out by going through the pros and cons!
  • Film: True black and white film still gives the best results for monochrome analogue photography, but it can be hard to find somewhere that will process it for you these days. One solution is to use C-41 black and white film, which uses the same processing method as colour negatives, and which you can get developed in most commercial labs. Another solution is to process your black and white film yourself in our very own PhotoSoc Darkroom, which should be launching very soon!
  • Polaroid: For those of you who want instant black and white gratification, the old school way, pick up a Polaroid camera on ebay and try out some monochrome instant film from the Impossible Project. Nothing beats the magic of watching your photo materialise in your hand! (Tip: forget about shaking it, and keep it warm instead – Silver Shade polaroids develop best at temperatures between 17-24 degrees Celsius.)

Whichever way you like your photos, start enjoying the art of black and white now!


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