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Hello everyone.

HELLO: We hope all your exams went well, and that you are now fully refreshed to get stuck into another term of joy. This semester looks even better than the last. The Darkrooms are super close to being up and running so expect some tutorials soon (we promise it won’t be pushed back anymore!), so get borrowing the society film cameras, and buy some B&W film! There will be a trip to EDINBURGH where we will stay over for a night or two, explore the fantastic city, drink lots of northern ale, and come home with some super pictures to show for it. We will be having a “Black and White fornight” where we want to become super skilled in the use of monochrome, and as part of this, a fine art black and white professional photographer will come to speak to us for an evening. As ever, we have lots of cool equipment for you to borrow for free, so make the most of it and we’ll probably be buying more at some point this semester too! Amongst all that, we’ll be having fornightlyish meetings on a range of things to keep you taking pictures, excited about photography, and making friends.

ACTIVITES FAIR: This WEDNESDAY 9th Feb is the activities fair for this semester, where all the societies showcase their stuff and is a chance for you to see what else is about, and if you’re not already a member, join and be part of super-mega-bang-for-buck photography society. Come along and see our studio equipment, have  a go and say hi.

JOBS: We have had many requests for photographers for both paid and unpaid jobs, so please take a look at the post on our website as it would break your inbox if we put them all here!

NEXT MEETING: We are having a meeting this THURSDAY 10th Feb 19:15 Arts Tower Lecture Theatre 9 on Travel Photography. A number of our members will be showing some of their photos from their adventures and travels all over the world, far and wide. We urge and encourage you to show off your photos form your travels too and if you’d like to do this let us know! You can show anything from 1 to 100 pictures, or more if you have them! Make sure you bring them on memory stick in a suitable format.  Bring a mug, as there will be Tea!

HOODIES: The Hoodies have all arrived and look fantastic. You can pick up (and for some, pay for!) your hoodie ANY MONDAY at 7pm at the Gallery Eye in the union where we have our weekly committee meetings. They will also be avaliable at the activities fair, and at the meeting on Thursday.

AGM: March is fast approaching and this is the time of year where all societies have their AGM (Annual General Meeting). This is a semi-formal meeting where you can talk about the society, how it’s run etc and it is also the time that the new committee are voted in. Photosoc is a fantastic society award winning society. Being on the committee is a superb thing indeed and one of the best things I’ve done at university. We’ll tell you more about it soon, and why you should come forward to offer as much or as little time as you want, and be one to help run it and see it though another amazing year.

As part of this, all committee meetings are open to all members. We meet every Monday, 7pm Gallery Eye, and end up in Interval, wheeey…

That’s all for now,

See you all this week!


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