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Poor student’s guide to photography

The next student loan instalment isn’t until mid-January, so have some value-for-money equipment tips to tide you over…

Infrared universal remote – $3.27
An essential for every camera bag. We’ve tested these with pretty much every brand of DSLR we can get our hands on and it’s yet to fail (though the same can’t be said for the committee finding the right button).

There’s also brand-specific versions available and wired remotes for more reliable triggering.

Clip-on diffuser for pop-up flash – £3.49
This slots into your DSLR’s hotshoe and diffuses the camera’s flash, making the light less direct and shadows less harsh.

Useful for portraits where you either don’t have or don’t want to bring a full-blown flash.

3rd party batteries
Sooner or later you’ll suffer a catastrophic battery failure and it’ll inevitably be when you’re about to take that perfect shot, so always carry a spare!

Hama Star 63 tripod – £15.99
a.k.a. the Photosoc tripod

We use these because they come packed with features, like a built-in spirit level, a hook for adding weight and a carry case, while still weighing in at a reasonable 1.74kg.

Also available are the Star 62 and Star 61 models.

Adobe Lightroom 3 – £64.39
A version of Adobe Photoshop designed specifically for managing and editing photos.

Although slightly pricey, this will quickly become your best friend for handling photos when the software bundled with your camera can’t really cut it any more.

Extension tubes – Canon ($9.24) / Nikon ($9.65) / Pentax ($9.77)

A cheap way to experiment with some unique close up photography using just the lenses you have now!

Be sure to also check Miki’s DIY Macro tutorial for more low-cost photography goodness!

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  1. Palmer says:

    This is really useful, thank you!

  2. Adam says:

    Glad you liked it! :)

  3. Louise says:

    This is a fantastic extension to the website, thanks, and well done committee

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