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New Year competition!

Greetings PhotoSoc-ers,

We will be holding a photo competition over the holiday period that we hope you’ll all be interested in entering, but instead of a predictable Christmas theme, we’ve chosen to focus on New Year! As always, we’d love to see you interpret this theme in any way you can think of, so don’t feel that you have to stay up until midnight to photograph the first fireworks of 2011 – your picture can be taken at any time over the holidays, and can be of whatever subject you wish, so your imagination is the only¬†limit.

Think about what the New Year means to you – maybe your family has a New Year’s tradition that you’d like to catch on camera, or perhaps you could take a photo to represent your New Year’s resolutions. Alternatively, you could focus on the spirit of fresh beginnings that a new year symbolises, or create an image that sums up celebration in your mind.

However you see New Year, try to capture it in a photograph and then simply post it into our special competition flickr group to enter, but remember the rules: only one entry per person, and your entry should be taken during the holidays, so no old photos please. The winning entry will receive a grand prize with a minimum value of £30, so get creative and have fun!

Seasonal PhotoSoc love xxx

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