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Hey guys.

Professional Photographer A. Jeremy P. Lawrence will be giving a talk this Thursday 7-9pm Arts Tower LT09.

He’s going over some of career, portfolio and giving a tutorial on some basic Adobe lightroom and Photoshop techniques. These programs and similar are the bread and butter of digital photography so it’s really worth coming along for that and some inspiration and tips from a Sheffield Graduate making a living as a portrait photographer! Awesome! Bring a mug for tea.

The deadline for hoodie orders will be this Thursday also. You can order and or pay at the meeting on Thursday. If you cannot make that time to pay, then email us and we’ll tell you how you can pay.

We are also getting very close to be able to let you use a darkroom! I am not sure how time will pan out in terms of tutorials because deadlines are approaching and everyone is very busy, so these will most likely start first thing next year, so get shooting B&W film! If you are darkroom trained then I see no reason why you can’t get stuck in and get smelly fingers before this term ends. Sry.. Gotta love darkroom¬†innuendos…

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The winning Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait. Huntress with Buck from the series Hunters © David Chancellor



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