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Thursday 18th Bokeh Meeting


Bokeh is the blur seen by points of light from the out of focus areas of a photo.
This can be beautiful and help to bring out subjects in your picture. It can also be manipulated to look like any shape you like and this Thursday we will show you how to do this, so that you can get bokeh on your SLR in interesting and different shapes.

You will need to bring your cameras though there will be some available to share and we advise you bring as large an aperture lens as possible, this will be the best lens to give you good bokeh.
If you also happen to have fairy lights or other multiple light source lamps, you should bring them too to give a wide range as possible for this bokeh fun.

this will be happening in arts tower lecture theatre 9 from 7-9 Thursday 18th. See you there

Also we will be getting a professional photographer to come and talk to you guys about his work, lightroom and photoshop.
More details to follow

Next Trip
Will are also looking to arrange a trip to some Christmas markets in the near future and will keep you posted on the exciting things yet to come.

PhotoSoc xxx

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