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Hello everyone,

Thanks to everyone who came on Thursday, I hope it was helpful!


We have arranged the following dates for you to come and sign up and pay £10 for the magical photosoc coach there and back on Saturday 13th We. In the Source/Actives Zone:

Tuesday 9th – Andrew 1-2

Wednesday 10th – Jack 10-11

Thursday 11th – Miki 1-2

Friday 12th –  Adam 1-2

If you fail all of these for reasons beyond you, email us and we’ll arrange when you can pay! It’s going to be an awesome trip so don’t miss out!! You love zoos! Oh and it’s FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! The committee have already nabbed about 10 places out of FIFTY so hurry up – you know how many of you we took to the peaks?! Yeah, about 50!


Saturaday 13th 09:30 Outside The Octagon, Don’t be late.

Arrive back in Sheffield 1600-1700 (Zoo closes at 4)

Our competition ends today, so hurry up and get some entries in to our flickr comp group! If you’ve no time for flickr, post on the forum somewhere :)

Also, we have a new DLSR that you can borrow for free, it’s a Nikon D80. Now we have TWO DSLRs and TWO Film SLRs! And lots of other swanky kit, so use it!

Harrison Cameras Demo days:

See the post on our website. Basically, over the next few weeks you can have a play with some awesome equipment from the brand leaders, Canon, Nikon, Leica, just to name a few. It’s all free, and they will probably be bring some unique lenses to play with. They will also be offering lots of advice and showing you how to use the equipment :D AWESOME!

Oh and for those that didn’t learn anything on Thursday:




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