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We have a hell of a lot of interest in people wanting to learn more about portraiture and lighting, and THE best way to do this is by experimenting with different styles. Since we appear to have a slight skill-deficit in the society, I suggest that people spend some time reading up on the topic, learning and trying new things.

This website,,┬áhas probably everything you’ll ever need to know, and everything to keep you inspired for years to come, about lighting. It really is an amazing resource for the creative photographer.

There are two Lighting crash courses in blog-format:

Lighting 101: starting from the real basics and what kit is useful to have. Photosoc has a handful of kit which is great to use, but it might become easier to get some yourself. You can pick up stuff for cheap if you know where to look!

Lighting 102: is slightly more advance and requires a bit more effort, but the results are worth it.

Using knowledge from this website, you can tackle pretty much any challenge. Using skills learnt from this site, we had a member last year, with help, shoot the entire cheerleading for individual portraits and a group shot in a dark and dingy hall and the results were truly fantastic.

We also shot the entirety of the Nightline 2010 Calendar using things learnt from this website!

If you want to see what strobists get up to, there are a huge amount of flickr groups that will help you along the way, and some are even pretty local, so you can meet even more light powered individuals!

Here is a recent pic by our own Ed Miller, on a Forge job, making the most of available events, learning in the process, and coming out with really awesome professional looking photos.

So what are you waiting for?! We can’t do everything for you!

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