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A thanks

Just a quick one to say a big thanks to all who turned out last night. It was a spectacular night, and a fun time was had by all, and I have to say one of photosoc’s best ever socials to date. Couldn’t have happened without you. Truly mega.

We will be discussing the best costume over the next few days and let the winner know.

Also, if by any chance you have a disposable camera of ours, hand it to us (email) and we’ll get it developed. If you brought your own (I know someone did) we’ll develop that too and save you a few squid. Pictures will appear either on Facebook or our website in due course.

Pumpkin cat is so happy for you:

Our next event will be the camera tutorial. Gallery Presentation Area – 7pm Thursday 4th November.

And now for the most exciting bit of this email….

Our next trip will be to CHESTERR ZOOO! It’ll cost approximately £10+£10 =£20 for a return coach and entry. Date is Saturday 13th or Sunday 14th November, tbc. More informations to follow!

Signing out, with clearly too much time on their hands,


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