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For many of you this will be your first Photosoc email of many more to come! We’ve got a fantastic year lined up and you’ve taken a first step to joining a jolly good society indeed. If you’ve been meaning to join for some time now, don’t forget to actually join and get involved!

We are very open levels of involvement and ability, whether you’ve a DSLR, or own no camera at all, you can get something for us. We’re keen for you to get involved in being a part of the society, so please feel free to send us your ideas and suggestions about things you’d like doing or need help achieving.

  • First Meeting: 7th October 7:00pm Arts Tower Lecture Theatre 9

Here well introduce ourselves, tell you a bit more about what we have done, do and plan to do for this semester, then have some tea and cake, then go on a “photohunt”; usuing photo-clues to get to the end of the trail which will be a special place which you have to find, you don’t need a camera to enjoy this, but if you want to take pictures along the way, feel free! \you’ll meet new people, see some cool places around the university and generally have a good time.

(If you can’t make 7pm, then we will be at the special place around 8.30/9pm to late so email us and we’ll tell you where to go!)

  • Peak District Trip on the 10th October

We have planed a trip to the peak district. Later on this term we’ll be going somewhere slightly farther away where we will stay for a day or two, either Edinburgh or the Lake District. Further emails will follow soon.

  • Website & Flickr group

Our website: is the main portal for everything photosoc. It won “Best Webspace” award in the Society awards in the year just gone, so it really is the bees knees.  It’s is updated regularly with what’s going on, contains booking systems, calendar of events, basic tutorials, a forum, phot0s of the day, links to awesome photography sites and much more.

Many of our members use Flickr to share photos to gain feedback, inspiration and knowledge. It is a fantastic site that is free to join and upload photos, with probably millions of photographers on and so is an excellent source of knowledge. This is our group page.

There is a Post on the webpage where you can read about a few other things you can do with photosoc, so head over there now!

That’s all for now, so to thank you for reading, here is a funny picture:

Easy Rider


See you soon. Byes.

Following on from the previous email….
  • Darkroom

Many of you have expressed an interest in learning the art of darkroom analogue black and white photography, or just getting back in to a darkroom. Sessions and tutorials will start within the next week or so. Emails will be sent out when tutorials are created. You can book a place on one, or book a session on your own in your own time(if you’re experienced) on the Darkroom booking page.

  • Equipment

Photosoc has a lot of equipment that you can borrow for free of charge as a member of photosoc. You can view and book what we have on the Equipment booking page

  • Jobs

You may already have received some of the many job-offer emails we get sent to us. Some of these are paid, some are not, but we eagerly encourage you to get involved to get experience, fantastic photos and great opportunities. If you’re not keen on doing one on your own, post a message on our forum to see if you can buddy up with someone to help you.

  • US

You can see who’s who on the Committee Page, amongst a lot more under the Read About Us Tab. It’s totally worth it for the fun pictures…….. . . .

  • Web tutorials

There are a bunch of tutorials under the Teach Yourself tab, so have a go and explore!

This will probably be updated when I remember more things to include!


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