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Job for a bobsleigher

This week Photosoc brings you a job… with a twist :)


Hi there,

My name is Fiona Harrison and I am a bobsleigher. I am seeking any keen student photographers who may be interested in photographing myself for my portfolio and future website. I was at the Winter Olympic Games this year in Vancouver as second brakewoman to the GB number 1 women’s team. Now I am looking at taking the front seat as a driver and am aiming to compete at the next Winter Olympics in Sochii, Russia. I would like someone who has creative flair (to make me look uber good!) and a funky style. I am trying to raise as much money as possible to get me out into Europe as a driver this coming winter, so I have a tiny budget, however, there is possibility of advertisement opportunities for the photographer, potentially on the side of the bobsleigh and on websites and marketing material.

I am based in Sheffield; I help out at one of the sports clubs at SHU and I do most of my physical training at the English Institute of Sport.

Many thanks, I look forward to hearing from you!

Fiona Harrison

Tel: 07736 313481

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