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A photo competition sponsored by MAGNUM!

Hey all,

A heads up on a competition with some big prizes. Details as follows:

We’ve teamed up with Magnum Photos to bring IdeasTap members the ultimate photographic competition.

The overall winner will receive more than £10,000-worth of prizes, including £5,000 cash and a £2,500 budget to produce their dream photo essay.

They’ll also win an eight-week paid internship at Magnum in London, followed by a week at their New York studio to produce their own In Motion essay.

That’s the overall winner – but all shortlisted candidates will receive expert mentoring and their work will be printed, framed and exhibited by IdeasTap. They’ll also receive a published book featuring their work.

The competition is open to IdeasTap members based in the UK aged between 16-30 and is split into three categories:


Environmental photography

Conceptual art

The winner of each category will be given a budget of £2,500 to create their own multimedia photo essay.

One overall winner will then be chosen by an expert judging panel.

The theme for this year’s award is Future – life after 2012.

Applicants must create a set within their IdeasTap portfolio containing five photographs (no more, no less) that show a vision of the future after the 2012 Olympic Games. Interpret the theme as you see fit.

Successful applications will be creative and striking photographs that catch the judges’ eyes and demonstrate photographic skill and understanding. The five photos in your portfolio must demonstrate your ability to tell a story with your images.

In the first round of judging the images will be viewed in Portfolio Presentation view on the site with a black background and no border (unless you choose to add one to your images before you upload them). Shortlisted members will have their work framed with the option of a black or white border for the exhibition.

Website here.



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