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Union photographers needed and Club nights etc next year. Get on it :]

My name’s Jack Rogers, I’m the Vice-Chair/Treasurer for the Ents committee. I’m writing to ask if anyone would be interested in taking photos for the Union on a somewhat regular basis. Currently 4 times a week we have members of our committee taking photos on a dated, very slow camera. After taking about 40 or so photos of the night the volunteers (2 people can do it a night) they then get free entry to that night and earn 5 points for each night – after gaining 25 points they can then ‘cash them in’ and get a £10 for HMV, H&M, Blackwells and Tesco. Obviously this would be extended to you as well.
In the spirit of cooperation between socities and because our photos are simply not cutting it anymore I would just like to know if anyone in the committee would at all be interested in doing club photography next year?

The nights photographed are:
Space; &
Pop Tarts

On a more immediate note the Ents office are also looking for photographers for the summer social. There’s a lot of events going on during the day and night and the office are looking for a number of photographers for the event. If anyone was at all interested in taking photos for that (and other union big nights, like end of year events, exam slam, fresher’s mania, fresher’s ball and the like) could you please let me know in the near future cos otherwise outside photographers would have to be booked in the next few days. Chris Howett the marketing manager mentioned that for the bigger events there’s a possibilty of the photographers getting paid in cash, or with union vouchers. Thought this depends on commitment and availability.
If you’re interested in either of the these opportunities could you please email back within the next couple of days to either this address or the ents email address (

Thank you,
Jack Rogers
Ents Committee.

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