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Dear PhotoSoccers,

We’re having a meet tomorrow evening at 7pm in Lecture Theatre 9 in the Arts Tower. The meet will consist of a talk on DIY macro photography (stuff you can do in your own bedroom!), followed by a talk on landscape and nature photography. If the weather is nice, we will go up to Weston Park afterwards and do a little light painting, and if not, we’ll talk a bit about travel photography, ready for the summer!

A reminder to anybody who is exhibiting in our upcoming FIVE WALLS exhibition, the deadline for payments and print uploading is now this Sunday 9th. You’ll need to get your pictures in by 10pm, and your payment to us by 8pm (we’ll be having a committee meeting in the University Arms pub). We’ll have people in the Source as well around lunchtime each day this week if you’d like to pay earlier. Any questions, just ask!

And don’t forget to get your batteries charged and memory cards primed for our day out in York this Saturday! We might even bring some cake!

Happy voting for tomorrow! We’ll see you all in the Arts Tower at 7.

Lots of love from PhotoSoc xx

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