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York Trip – Next Saturday

Good evening everyone,

As I hope you are aware there is a Photosoc trip to York planned for next Saturday.

The aim is for everyone to meet at the station quite early- 10am to get to York before lunch so we can sample the eateries of the famously photogenic city that is York. The plan then is to just explore really, and of course take lots of pictures. Some main points of interest though….

York Minster (Cathedral), the Shambles (the original Diagon Alley), the River, Cliffords Tower, Bettys Tea Room, the numerous cobbled streets, Gray’s House, the City Wall, the Railway station, the Parks, Whip-ma-Whop-ma Gate, the other city gates, etc etc…..there is lot to see.


An off-peak day return is £10.75 with a railcard which I’ll assume most us have (or £16 without), which means you can go to York with everyone and come back when you want.

If however you are feeling keen/thrifty you can book your tickets now in advance. You can currently buy a journey there and back for £9.20 with a railcard, this however does limit you in terms of flexibility and isn’t much of a saving so I wouldn’t bother.

I really hope we can get a big group along, just like the industrial walk and make it a really good day.

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  1. jack says:

    Looks good to me!

  2. fodsy says:

    awww i am going home that weekend :(

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