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Happy pinhole photography day!

Hey everyone,

Thanks to flickr, we’ve found out that this Sunday (the 25th) is Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day! There are pinhole workshops going on around the globe, but unfortunately not in Sheffield – a full list of the UK locations is here, if you’re prepared to travel and want to get involved.

To celebrate this glorious day, we’d be interested to know if any of you have taken some photos with a pinhole camera before – if you have, it would be fantastic if you could upload your favourite shots onto our PhotoSoc flickr group (not the competition one). We’d love to see the pinholey results!

Alternatively, if you’ve never tried your hand at pinholing before, here are some sites that show you how to make your very own pinhole camera: Kodak, Dippold from flickr (who has a handy template you can print out), and Instructables. There is also this very informative site if you want to find out more about pinhole cameras and their history.

PhotoSoc love! xxx

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