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Exhibition news!

Hi all,

We’ve had a lot of emails asking for more information about the exhibition and we’re sure a lot of you are wondering about it too, so here’s the latest…

There is a meeting this Thursday at 7pm in the Gallery (upstairs from the Source) to help you guys with techniques and how to avoid common pitfalls when you’re out taking photos for the exhibition.

However, we also know that not everyone will be able to make the meeting, so the essential info is as follows!

  • Photos are in sets, but you’ll be given free reign of a 1.5m square (approx.) area of wall to have your prints however you want. Your set can actually be just one or two photos, so don’t feel pressured!
  • We’ve secured an amazing discount on prints and we’ll have an entry form available online soon where you can enter a short statement about your work and upload your photos
  • To make sure everyone who wants to can enter, we’re simply having one deadline: 6th May. You need to have uploaded your photos (or contacted us if you’re entering existing ones) and paid by this date!
  • If you have any questions or want some feedback on your ideas, just drop us an email or even better, leave a post on the forums and someone will get back to you quickly.



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