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No Limits Film Festival mini exhibition

Hey guys,

Sorry to bombard you with emails on this sunny Easter Sunday, but on a continuing exciting exhibition theme, we’ve been asked by the No Limits Film Festival if we would put on a mini exhibition in the Gallery for the launch weekend of their festival.

The weekend in question is 17-18th April, which I know is short notice, but they’ve said that we can use as much or as little space as we like.

The festival is called No Limits, so the theme for the exhibition is basically whatever the heck you want! If you have a few prints that you’d like to show off (maximum 8), bring them in to us at the first meeting on Thursday 15th April. If you ARE interested in having your prints in the mini exhibition, please email me or text me to let me know so we have an idea of how much space we will take up.

No Limits is an international film festival, so your photos will get a lot of viewing from students and members of the general public- a fantastic opportunity to showcase what you do!

So don’t forget to email or text me with your name and how many photos you’d like to display. My number is 07907 874892.

I promise there will be no more emails today!
Lots of Easter eggy love,
BeckieĀ xx

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