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Bank Street Arts “in camera”

Hope y’all enjoying your easter.

Here is a fwd about another chance to exhibit some of your work in Sheffield! Huzzah.


My name is James Dodd, I’m a resident artist at Bank Street Arts in Sheffield in addition to being a photographer.

I was wondering whether you could pass this email and it’s information out to some of the members of your photographic group?

I’m currently researching the current relationship of photography with the city of Sheffield and bank street.

Over the next few months we’ll be running several exhibitions, discussion groups and workshops.

Bank Street Arts, is inviting submissions for a photography exhibition titled “in camera”.

The exhibition will feature work of photographers from around the world with over 200 submitting work already.

There is no set theme, no guidelines and no guarantee that your work will be used.

Any work selected will be screened on rolling slideshows within the gallery at various times throughout the day (dates and times to be posted and decided as and when).

The show will go live on:
1st of May 2010.

To submit work for consideration, please email to:

Or visit the flickr group:

Deadline for the first slideshow is:
5pm – 25th April 2010

In addition to this, I am also interested in contacting members in the sheffield area to chat about their wants and needs as a photographer in sheffield… whether they would like to see more exhibitions, more workshops, more lectures or even communal facilities such as studios and darkrooms etc.

Hope to hear back from you soon.



t: 07950502352


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