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We have been approached by PROGRESS (a post-graduate society), who have organised a formal dinner and disco on Friday 16th April at Whirlowbrook Hall. The event will start at 7pm, with e meal commencing at 7.30pm until around 9pm, and then music afterwards.

They are requiring two photographers to take some formal photos before and during and after the meal. It is a lovely venue and you are sure to get some great shots!

The other good news is that this is a PAID job, each photographer will receive £50 for the night, which will last roughly 3 hours. We are offering the job to any society members who would like to give it a go. If you have done this sort of thing before, and would like to cover this event, let us know! However, if you are inexperienced and would still like to do this, then contact us and we may be able to pair you up with someone who is more confident and they can help you along if you get stuck.

This is a good opportunity to practice some event photography and get a bit of money in return, so please get in touch if you would like to cover it, or if you would like any more details!

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