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Industrial Walk – Sunday 7th March

Dear all you lovely photographers,

This Sunday (7th March) we’re going on an industrial photography walk to experiment with a new and exciting setting and to see a bit more of Sheffield.

We plan to meet at the train station at 1:30pm (or a little bit before if you can) and then walk up behind it to Park Hill. We’ll then head down towards Victoria Quays, where the canal starts, and round towards Wicker and Kelham Island. It’s a fairly short route, but there’s loads to see so we can take our time and really get into the nooks and crannies of Sheffield’s industrial area.

Please bring a camera and other equipment if you’d like to. We’ll probably go for a swift half in the Fat Cat at Kelham Island, but we should be done with everything by 5pm, and then we can either walk up or get the tram up to the university. Hopefully the weather will stay nice for it (we’ve already had to call it off once due to rain!) and we’ll get some good photos.
Please be prompt, and if you’re coming but are running late, PLEASE PLEASE text me or call me on 07907 874 892 to let us know so that we don’t go without you.

See you on Sunday at 1:30pm! Everybody keep your fingers crossed for good weather!

Lots of love,


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