University of Sheffield Photo Soc

Meeting Thursday 25/02/10

Dear all,

Succinct: 1900-2100 Arts Tower Lecture Theater 8. A relaxed session based on sharing photos and asking questions with tea and cake.

Detail: We’ll be using the projector to go through a few member’s photos either online or on a disc/usb stick. We are encouraging you to show your work to the other members to share inspiration, technical knowledge, artistic direction, etc & receive feedback on your photos, so please bring your work! If not, you’ll just have to listen to the committee. Joy. We’re stressing the casual nature of this. Anyway, we’ll be bringing the ol’ kettle again and some yorkshire elixir (aka tea) along with something sweet and moist. We’ll also bring any kit you’re hiring.

Other things you care about:

1. Our weekend away Poll. Please go here and vote.

2. HOODIES. Unfortunately we totally forgot to mention this in person last Thursday, but we’re getting some hoodies. Details to follow. They’ll be perfect for keeping you warm through your night photography, light painting, sunrise, sunset, sport photography, urban photography… the list is actually endless so basically you’re going to need to get one.

3. Christmas Competition. The winners were: Jonathan Allen, Jessica Young, Helen Philips, Mille Chapman & Andrew Dimmock. If you didn’t know – congratulations. (And also if you didn’t know, the prizes were “the” Phaidon Photo book, a National Geographic photograph collection book, a magazine subscription/flickr pro account, universal wireless shutter trigger  or a mini digital photo frame.  Woah! These are fantastic prizes aren’t they?! SURE ARE.)

4. Optimism Theme. This is running for 3 weeks so will end two weeks from now. Enter on our flickr competition group.

5. Newest addition to our kit: A Spyder3 Monitor Calibrator. Brought to ensure all you’re photos are the expected colours when viewed & printed.

6. Up-coming Industrial walk on the 7th March.

7. There is probably more but that’s all I can remember at the moment.

See you Thursday,


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  1. Cisal says:

    Natalie Hoyle – Amy, Holy Moly we say a picture is worth a 1000 words. This is sniyag is surpassed by your portrait which speak volumes. Your story adds even more depth to it’s meaning. Keep up the incredible work!

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