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Darkroom Sessions & Meetings

Hope you all had a nice first week back.

DARKROOM TRAINING sessions this week are:

  • Group 1: Wednesday 17th 12-1300 on Printing
  • Group 1: Friday 19th 12-1300 on Developing
  • Group 2: Tuesday 16th 12-1300 on Developing
  • Group 2: Friday 19th 13-1400 on Printing

Group 3: Any of the above. Just come along and get an orientation whilst the teacher teaches :)

Book using our website. Any problems, drop an email. For those of you who don’t know what the group numbers mean:

1= NO experience; 2= SOME experience; 3=Nearly Competent (we all forget things!)

I’ll also be having a review on how we use Chemicals to encourage darkroom usage. Generally per session the use of Chems is pretty negligible so we might just let you use them for free or a very small subsidy. Paper will remain a personal/shared purchase. We have paper in the darkroom left from the previous users, so we’re selling this off  for cheap to you guys. I will send a price list out later this week.  If you didn’t know the Darkroom is now free to use in your own time. You just need to show your membership card to the porter & hand over your U-card to receive the key.


This will be held in the union unless otherwise stated, from 7pm. Further details will follow tomorrow. We’ll be going through the Christmas Competition results, having a very basic DSLR tutorial, and another more interesting activity for you guys who are already experienced. At 9pm we’ll head over to interval for a few drinks.


If you want a bit of an insight into how we run photosoc or if you want to contribute & shape photosoc,  and help the wonderful committee, and you know you do, we’ll be having a committee meeting on Tuesday 16th 6pm at the University Arms.

That’s all,



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