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Winter Varsity

Usually a pretty cool event regarding photography, get involved!  I’m up for going to the ski-village and playing with some speedlights, if anyone is interested?

Hey everyone,

Next week is Winter Varsity and we really need a couple of guys who are up for taking some pictures to come along and give us a hand. On the Friday night we are at the Ski Village for the snow sports, always a good evening and the chance for some awesome shots. Then on the Saturday afternoon we are heading to the Arena for the ice hockey match. This will be a massive event so we could possibly do with two of you down there. All travel to the venues will be covered as always.

If you are interested then get back to us ASAP, we need to hand in a list of who is going down fairly soon.



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  1. Adam says:

    Sounds like fun! :) I’ll pop along for this, are we taking the wireless flash setup?

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