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First off, thanks for coming to get your picture taken with us if you did, we hope you’ll enjoy your picture. The purpose of it is mainly to showcase a bit of what you can do with us; a lot of the equipment you saw is free to hire out and use yourself (if you’re a member!) should you wish to try your hand at a bit of portraiture. We own a DSLR and several film SLRs as well as lenses, flashes, tripods  which you can hire all for free (if you’re a member!) so having a camera isn’t even a requirement for discovering your photographic talents! We meet more or less every week, either for a social or a meeting centered on a tutorial/ guest speaker etc and have darkroom training sessions for analogue B&W film photography throughout the week. Anyhow, enough about our fantastic society, (why on earth would you not want to join given all the things we offer anyway, but yeah, it’s a really, really measly £5 to join.. I can hear you all gasp now…! )

I was requested by our awesome activities officer Claire to upload them to the Union Gallery which you can view here

Should you want the full high res image for yourself, reply with a link to it from the gallery and we’ll send it to you right away.

Thanks again & much love


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