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Darkroom Sessions & Ultimate Fair

Hey Guys, a few things you should know about:

I hope the start of term hasn’t depressed you too much, but fear not! Learn the art of Darkroom photography during your first week back and learn to de-stress over the sweet smell of developer!

Group 1: Developing: Thursday 11th 13:00 – 14:00 4 Places
Group 1: Printing: Thursday 11th 14:00 – 15:00 4 Places
Group 3: Orientation Refresher type thing:Friday 12th: 10:00 – 11:00 4 Places
Group 2: Printing: Friday 12th: 12:00 – 13:00

A system has also been set up so that those who are trained can use the darkroom in their own time and with their own chemicals and paper:

1. Book when you want the darkroom using our website for times between 9:00 – 16:30
2. Go to the porters office in the Mappin Building. Say you’re there to use the darkroom. Show your membership card and hand over your Ucard as a deposit to receive the Key.
3. ??
4. Profit [in pictures].

If you do not have your Membership card, we’ll have them all at the Ultimate Fair (Octagon 10:00 15:00) this Wednesday. You can pick it up, or hell, even sign up as a member if you’re not already!

Currently we’re a bit shorted staffed, so we’d absolutely love it if you wanted to devote an hour or so of your time helping to man one of our stalls at the fair. We’ll have a mini-studio set up in the cloak room, so if you want to play or practice with speed lights, backdrop, reflectors, portraits etc etc and take lots of cool pictures, then come along and help us out. Our other stall will be in the main hall amongst all the others.

We’ve set up a few discounts with Harrsion Cameras on London Road. They’re nothing mega, though remember it never hurts to barter on 2nd hand stuff (they have a good selection!) and maybe they’ll help you on your way to photography stardom. Besides selling, they’re a superb source of information regarding anything photography related.

10% off all Ilford Film, Paper and Chemicals
10% off developing costs if over £10
Free memory card or films with 2nd hand cameras

Quick reminder that our social is this Thursday; Mini photohunt, games, drink, what more could you ask for. 7pm Union Box Office (at Interval entrance).

Questions? Then email.

See you soon,


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