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First Social of 2010!

Dear Happy Snappers,

I come with great news of PhotoSoc’s first social of 2010 which will be occurring at 7pm on Thursday 11th February.

Come and meet us in the foyer area by the Box Office (just next to Interval) just before 7pm and we’ll send you all out with a photo-hunt mission to get as many wonderful photos as you can based on a few themes of our choosing. That part will last about 45 minutes, and then we’ll all pile into The University Arms with a marvellous variety of board games (I have Sheffield Monopoly… yes). We’ll have a few games on the go, and maybe pool our competitive, winning streaks later on to win the pub quiz.

It’s a great chance to relax after all the exams are over, and hopefully meet a few new people as we’ll have been shouting about PhotoSoc at the Ultimate Fair the day before!

So come along (with your Game Face firmly attached!) and bring any board games that you’d like to share with everyone. You don’t need a camera but you can bring one if you want to.

See you on Thursday!

PhotoSoc Social Sec

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